DBuzz & Hive Joins YGG Games Summit 2023 & Visits Local Crypto Exchanges

Two core members of the DBuzz and Hive team from Davao City, Nathan Senn (@nathansenn), co-founder of DBuzz, and Kraster Lou (@valkangel), artist of the upcoming Web3 game Retzark, traveled to Manila and joined the rest of the members of the Hive community who are now staying in the capital as they attended the YGG Web3 Games Summit 2023 and visited two of the top local cryptocurrency exchange in the Philippines.

Nathan Senn and Kraster Lou stayed at a residential unit owned by a fellow member of the Davao Business Group supporting DBuzz and Hive, PJ Entrepreneur (@pjentrepreneur), somewhere in Ortigas District, Pasig City. Hive users Ron David (@rondavid) and Noel Alimasac (@noelgamingtv) also joined the team.

Some of the most essential tasks undertaken by the DBuzz and Hive team include their visit to Coins.ph headquarters, attending the YGG Web3 Games Summit and various events related to the summit. They also participated in off-chain and networking events in Manila after an invitation from ICP.Hub.

The Hive and DBuzz Team from Davao City got a chance to connect with other prominent crypto exchange companies, PDAX (Philippine Digital Asset Exchange), the operator of GCrypto, one of the fastest-growing crypto exchanges in the Philippines today. GCrypto is also connected with the most popular e-wallet in the Philippines, GCash.

Visiting the Coins.Ph Headquarters

The first order of business made by Nathan Senn, Kraster Lou, and PJ Entrepreneur was their successful visit to the headquarters of Coins.ph, on November 17, 2023. Coin.ph is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange providers in the country, with more than 16 million users.

PJ Entrepreneur personally handed over the letter of intent of the Hive blockchain to hopefully enlist Hive to the growing number of cryptocurrencies being traded at Coins.ph. A separate open letter from the DBuzz and Hive team was also posted online through the official DBuzz account on Hive.

Coins.ph is one of the country's most established crypto brands, selling various cryptocurrencies, and is fully regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) or Central Bank of the Philippines. The company holds a Virtual Currency and Electronic Money issuer license from the Central Bank.

The visit of the Hive Team to Coins.ph headquarters was just timely because a week later, the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines (SEC Philippines) issued an advisory against Binance, a crypto exchange provider in the Philippines. This might not be related to the topic, but Binance is quite popular in the Philippines, and Coins.ph is one of their local competitors. If Coins.ph improves its services and adds Hive to its list of accepted cryptos, it will be a boast to the local crypto industry.

Attending the YGG Web3 Games Summit

The YGG Web3 Games Summit Kick-Off Party was held on Sunday, November 19, 2023; the Hive and DBuzz Team was in full force during the networking event at The Clubhouse at The Palace in Taguig City, Metro Manila.

Nathan Senn, PJ Entrepreneur, Kraster Lou, Ron David, and Noel Alimasac met some leading industry personalities from up-and-coming games and established gaming brands. It was a time full of networking presentations of the hottest trends in the Web3 gaming space.

There were many activities during the week-long YGG Web3 Games Summit in Manila held from November 17 up to November 23, 2023. I could not give all the exact details of each event, but I will highlight the most significant activities attended by the DBuzz and Hive Team from Davao City.

Image Source: YGG Philippines Website

During the YGG Games Summit, the Hive Team not only represented Hive and DBuzz but also was able to market the upcoming Web3 game Retzark to the gaming community in Metro Manila.

Nathan Senn was able to personally meet some of the most prominent names in the Web3 gaming industry in the Philippines from Yield Guild Games (YGG), BreederDAO, OKX Exchange, PDAX Exchange, Internet Computer Protocol, and other well-known personalities in the gaming industry, both from Web2 and Web3 space.

One of the most significant activities of the DBuzz and Hive Team was not only to witness the Web3 Games Summit, but it was a rare opportunity to meet and network with some of the leading leaders in the Web3 space and also a proper time to introduce the highly anticipated launching of the Hive-based card game Retzark.

The visibility of the Hive blockchain here in the Philippines has already attracted some interest among the Web3 communities, and the Web3 Games Summit was also an avenue for the core group of the Hive and DBuzz team to showcase our firm commitments toward Web3 adoption and education.

The DBuzz Team also met Twitch streamer and local social media influencer JanniDepp (@jannidepp), who posted a video of her encounter with the DBuzz Team from Davao City. Jannidepp also published some of her experiences in the Hive blockchain through the DBuzz platform.

The YGG Web3 Summit 2023 had a total of five major events and twenty one side events in various locations in Metro Manila.

The Hive Team from Davao City was able to attend all major events and a total of eight side events. They weren't able to attend some of the meetups due to overlapping schedules.

YGG listed the major events on their website and highlighted below are the side events attended by Nathan Senn and the Team.

Side Events Related to the YGG Summit

Before the YGG Games Summit, Nathan Senn and Kraster Lou attended some side events like the Block Party Manila 2023, presented by OKX, held last November 17, 2023. The side event was part of the YGG Summit and co-presented by Prototype and Kardiachain. BayaniChain, Web3 Ph, and NexHire also supported it.

They had some productive nights meeting Web3 enthusiasts during the event and were even featured in The 360 GlamSpin Camera Video Booth. It was held at the Siren Studios in Makati City, Metro Manila.

The Hive Team also attended other side events, such as the Axie Bayanichain or the official Axie Philippines meetup, wherein the creator of the famous Web3 game relaunched Axie Infinity anew.

Off-chain and Networking Events in Manila

The Hive and DBuzz Team from Davao City and their team from Manila were also invited to an Off-chain gathering organized by ICP.Hub Manila, in coordination with some of the leaders in the Web3 space not only in the Philippines but also from around the world.

Nathan Senn, PJ Entrepreneur, and Kraster Lou attended the OffChain Manila event at the luxurious Okada Resort in Paranaque City. He met with some of the leaders in the Web3 Space in the Philippines.

Kraster Lou and Nathan Senn presented the upcoming Web3 card game to some attendees, while PJ Entrepreneur had a successful get-together with some of the business people attending the event organized by OffChain Global, a worldwide networking community for blockchain and crypto enthusiasts.

Image source: Images were provided by the DBuzz Team.