DBuzz, Retzark & Hive Attends the First Archway Meetup in the Philippines

The first-ever Archway Meetup in the Philippines was conducted last December 9, 2023, at Aulson's Cafe, Circumferential Road, Davao City, The DBuzz, Retzark, and Hive Team here in Davao City, and prominent members of HivePhilippines community graced the event.

Archway is a new Layer 1 blockchain on Cosmos Ecosystem and is flourishing with numerous projects being built. During the event, which started at 1:00 PM and ended at around 6:30 PM, the organizers, the Davao DeFi Community (@davaodeficom), invited all tech enthusiasts, professionals, and developers to join the event in Davao City.

The Archway Meetup Philippines was organized by the Davao DeFi Community (DDC), one of the largest crypto community volunteer groups in Davao City, and the NFT Davao (@nftdavao) group, a prominent NFT and blockchain enthusiast group in Davao City.

The Davao DeFi Community (DDC) is headed by co-founders Ruben Lacumba (@rubzcomms) and Rod Albores (@rodrunnerph), and the NFT Davao group is led by Mr. Churchill Brizuela.

The Archway Meetup in Davao City was also recognized by Archway's official "X" account. They shared the event on their official social media account, bringing more credibility to the first-ever Archway Meetup in the Philippines.

Hive Team Attending the Event

The Hive Team from Davao City, Philippines, who attended the Archway meetup were composed of DBuzz founder Chris Rice (@chrisrice), Blockchain developer and DBuzz co-founder Nathan Senn (@nathansenn), Retzark Artist Kraster Lou (@valkangel), HivePhilippines Meetup group original members Emafe Rice (@emafe), Mayche (@mayche) with her husband and yours truly, Ed Umbao (philnews.xyz), an independent journalist from PhilNews.xyz.

Archway Meetup Event Proper

The Archway Meetup commenced with the singing of the Philippine National Anthem and, after that, some words of encouragement from prominent blockchain educators in Mindanao, such as Ferdie James Nervida from the Blockchain Practitioners Network Philippines and DDC founder Ruben Lacumba and fellow DDC members Lemuel and Arthur Agullana. The event was hosted by the energetic MJ Steller, the DDC's secretary and social media manager.

Mr. Ferdie James Nervida discussed the history of money and the blockchain ecosystem, followed by an in-depth demonstration of the Archway ecosystem by DDC founder Ruben Lacumba.

After discussing Archway, Mr. Lowe initiated the onboarding process of installing the Keplr Wallet, one of the most popular wallets under the Cosmos ecosystem. It is the first and leading IBC-enabled wallet that claims to be your gateway to the interchain with over 100,000 estimated global users.

What is Archway?

Archway is a smart contract platform under the Cosmos ecosystem that incentivizes developers to create applications on its network, featuring built-in rewards. This protocol equips developers with resources to develop and deploy scalable, cross-chain decentralized applications efficiently and compensates them for their contributions to the network.

In the presentation made by DDC founder Ruben Lacumba about Archway, he emphasized that DApps built on Archway can use their accumulated funds to support their individual ecosystems.

After receiving funding, these Archway DApps have several options: they can distribute the funds to their governance tokens, invest in the core development of the project, subsidize gas fees for users, inject funds into liquidity pools, support a community DAO, or initiate project-specific bounties.

Archway asserts that its approach will introduce a heightened level of adaptability and empowerment for DApp developers within the blockchain space. This strategy aims to enable developers to monetize their contracts and establish enduring business models effectively.

Schools and Communities Joining the Event

Representatives from different colleges in Davao City were present during the Archway Meetup, such as the UP Mindanao Society of Programmers and Refined Computer Scientists, and students from the University of Southeastern Philippines, Ateneo De Davao University, University of Immaculate Conception, Holy Cross University, San Pedro College, and St. John Paul College.

There were also DICE-Davao Interschool Computer Enthusiasts representatives and DEVCON Davao, DBuzz, Retzark and PhilNews.xyz.

Hive, DBuzz, and Retzark Stole the Show

The first-ever Archway Meetup in the Philippines was a very successful meetup and full of insights from the market leaders in the crypto communities in Davao City.

During the Open Forum of the Archway Meetup, DBuzz Founder Chris Rice asked a very relevant question to the organizer, asking them about the real use-case of Archway, in which Ruben Lacumba responded by saying, one of their use case is access to fundraising and liquidity. Archway is one of the best ways for developers to launch decentralized apps (DApps) and smart contracts on a global scale while earning rewards.

Fellow DBuzz co-founder Nathan Senn was also impressive with his short pitch and discussion about DBuzz during an opportunity given to him to share his thoughts on the topic. The veteran self-taught coder simply described DBuzz and presented the real-use case of the decentralized micro-blogging platform.

Watch the Video Highlights of the Hive Team


Overall Impression

The historic Archway Meetup event in Davao City marks the entry of the Archway ecosystem to the Philippines, as they started in Davao City and plan to spread in different areas of the Visayas and Mindanao.

The event was so successful that the Hive Team from Davao City, headed by Chris Rice and Nathan Senn, opened up the possibility of studying Archway and integrating the existing DBuzz platform into the entire Archway or Cosmos ecosystem.

All photos were provided by the DDC Team and used with permission