The Crypto and Web3 Industry Thrives in Davao City: A Recap of Recent Events and Introduction to D.Buzz by @jancharlest

The start of 2023 for the crypto and Web3 industry has been amazing, especially in Davao City, Philippines. In just the last two months there have been many back-to-back events, but before we dive in, let me introduce myself.

I am @jancharlest one of the co-founders of, the in-person meetup group that launched https://D.Buzz a Web3 microblogging platform, along with @chrisrice and @nathansenn.

We started it back in 2019 at Bo's Coffee in SM Ecoland, Davao City, Philippines, and during those times I was clueless, but always tried to learn and contribute as much as I could to the platform.

One of the reasons why we attend events is to promote and introduce DBuzz. It is a social media platform similer to Twitter, but Web3 and on the Hive blockchain. The platform can be used by everyone, but some techy knowledge is required to create an account. The D.Buzz platform was created for free speech, where you own your account, content, and no one can take it down (content can be easily monetized on DBuzz too). The platform was also created for people who are not bloggers and do not like to write long-form content to express their thoughts and feelings.

The first event was the Block and Chill Night on March 25, 2023. This event aimed to promote and endorse local and international developers' products, as featured in SunStar Davao.

The second event was the Binance Meetup Davao x Trust Wallet on April 28, 2023. Binance taught the basics of their tools and functions on their platform, such as peer-to-peer transactions, spot trading, NFTs, and other related topics.

The third event was the Bitcoin Summer Meetup Davao x on April 30, 2023, and Ethan Rose, the founder and CEO of talked about Pouch and how it first started on Boracay Island, Philippines. It was inspired by Stripe and he created to make it easier for people from the US, OFWs, and other countries to transact and make payments in the Philippines.

Lastly, at the end of the Bitcoin Summer event Ken James Berry, the founder of Blockchain Network Philippines @blocknetworkph gave a speech. He explained what blockchain is and how it works. He also asked the attendents what used to come to their mind when they heard the word "Bitcoin" before compared to now. He added that "In the past, events happening in Luzon and Visayas often excluded Mindanao, even Davao City". It's great to see that the situation has changed and Davao City is now included in such events." Kudos to sir Ken since he is one of the reasons why there are continuous events happening here in Davao City. I am grateful to Ken for helping give Davao-based crypto enthusiasts a voice and recognition in the crypto industry.

I am also interested in contributing more for the entire Philippines, not just Davao City. Thank you Davao DeFi Community @davaodeficom for your continued support in every event.

Those are all the crypto events in Davao City that happened so far in 2023 and more events are being lined up.