Reasons Why We Should Support the DBuzz-Hive Proposal #2

The pioneering decentralized social media on the Hive blockchain, DBuzz, successfully achieved a remarkable milestone since its inception. For six months, they delivered their promise to open-source all their codes to the community. After fulfilling their commitment to the Hive community, the DBuzz team did an overwhelming job, offering more than what they promised to do. It is our time to show our support and encourage the people behind this project to continue their commitment to building more for the betterment of the entire Hive ecosystem.

The team behind DBuzz was so grateful to the Hive community for allowing them to broaden their influence and reach in the Philippines and Asia. In this article, I will summarize DBuzz's achievements, major development updates, major online and offline milestones, and their plans for the future and why they are asking for more support from the community.

As a new member of the HivePhilippines group here in Davao City, I can attest to the commitments of the entire DBuzz Team in bringing more value to the Hive ecosystem. Although I am not part of the original three-person meetup that started the DBuzz revolution, I traveled from Cebu to explore and join the growing DBuzz family.

This is our time to shine and show our support to the DBuzz Family, who brought so much pride to the Philippines and the Filipino community in Hive. There are so many reasons why we need to support the DBuzz project. Just continue reading, and you will enjoy learning more about the first Philippine-born decentralized micro-blogging platform built on Hive.

Vote for the DBuzz - Hive Proposal #2

With the support of the Decentralized Hive Fund (DHF), the DBuzz team participated in twenty Web3 events. After being featured in 119 news articles from 30 news agencies, it gained mainstream media attention. DBuzz was able to publish six comprehensive development reports since June 2023.

Image Source: DBuzz Community Outreach with Tribal School in coordination with NGO's

Significant Achievements of DBuzz

1. Fulfilling their Open-Sourcing Promise:

DBuzz fulfilled its promise and published the open-source of its entire GitHub repository. This major step shows the platform's commitment and dedication to transparency, user freedom, and data ownership.

2. Comprehensive Updates to the DBuzz Platform:

DBuzz released comprehensive updates aligned with the objectives of the micro-blogging platform's previous DHF proposal and significantly boosted the overall site reliability and user experience. DBuzz has a new user interface, Metamask integration, and the introduction of Lite.D.Buzz is built on the Ceramic Network and the SPK Union Indexer.

3. Bug Fixes and New Features:

The development team behind the DBuzz addressed various bug issues. It was able to implement bug fixes and add new and exciting features that are not only for DBuzz users but also for the entire Hive community.

4. Maintenance and Optimization:

The team initiated a new feature for the old referral link to be redirected to the username profile. There were also comprehensive maintenance and updates, from critical bug fixes to innovative new features and meticulous modifications.

Vote for the DBuzz - Hive Proposal #2

Major Development Updates

1. Blog.D.Buzz: DBuzz introduces a series of updates and enhancements to improve user experience for the long-form content platform Blog.D.Buzz Version 2.0.

2. Auto.Vote: DBuzz was able to launch Auto.Vote is an innovative auto-voting service that enhances the original Hive.Vote concept by incorporating Hive Keychain for Login. The Auto.Vote by DBuzz features curation Trail, Downvote Trail, Upvote Posts, Redux Implementation, and Axios Configuration.

**3. D.Buzz Leaderboard: **The DBuzz team was inspired by Hive Engagement League and InLeo's leaderboard, so they created DBuzz Leaderboards to provide statistics on the micro-blogging platform.

4. Chat.D.Buzz: One of the most significant achievements in the entire Hive blockchain is integrating the "Sting" chat service initiated by the PeakD Team. The DBuzz Team collaborated with the Peak.Open project to integrate the chat service through Chat.D.Buzz.

5. In-House HIVE API Node: The DBuzz Team was proud to announce that the team launched their own HIVE API node at, significantly increasing the speed and reliability of the DBuzz dApp.

Image Source: DBuzz Team in Mexico attendign the HiveFest 2023

Other Major Milestones for DBuzz

Marketing Outreach: The DBuzz Team initiated engaging with the Philippines' top crypto exchanges, and PDAX, to get HIVE listed on these major platforms with millions of crypto users.

School Partnerships: Collaborating with various schools and universities, with Makilala Institute of Science and Technology (MIST), to provide free internet infrastructure and use DBuzz as the WiFi login portal.

Hive Ecosystem Boost: Through DBuzz business partnership, they successfully onboarded @dpservice, who purchased $110,000 in HBD/HIVE and powered up over 200,000 HP and maintain their position and will continue holding it for the foreseeable future as a form of commitment to the Hive ecosystem.

Global Events Participation & Podcast Features: DBuzz actively participated in 20 worldwide events and featured in 25 podcasts, reaching a broader audience and sharing updates about the decentralized social media.

Mainstream Media Coverage: DBuzz was highlighted in 119 news articles since June 2023, showcasing the platform's growth and innovation in the Web3 space.

HiveFest, Sponsorships, Networking & Presentations: DBuzz was a sponsor of HiveFest 2023. During the significant event for all Hiveans, DBuzz founders Chris Rice and Nathan Senn took the opportunity to speak, representing the DBuzz vision. The presentation from the DBuzz team was well received and met with appreciation as they covered their recent accomplishments, future plans, and their broader strategy for Hive.

DBuzz Basketball Team: The DBuzz team also sponsored the first-ever Hive Basketball Team in the Philippines, showcasing the platform's engagement with the local community and demonstrating DBuzz's commitment to community involvement and promotion beyond the online world.

Vote for the DBuzz - Hive Proposal #2

What's in Store for DBuzz?

The future of DBuzz is bright as the team is gearing up for a promising array of development with the launch of Version 4.0. The DBuzz roadmap is ambitious and optimistic as the team focuses on enhancing user experience, growth, retention, and accessibility.

  1. Expanding Accessibility & Inclusivity
  2. Enhanced communication & Interaction
  3. AI-Driven Feed Tools
  4. NFT Marketplace Integration on DBuzz
  5. Technological Advancements
  6. Mobile Accessibility
  7. Community Outreach & Marketing Initiatives
  8. Integration with Makilala Institute of Science and Technology
  9. User Experience & Platform Enhancements

DBuzz Vision for 2024: Expanding the Horizons & Impact

The DBuzz Team, which started with three individuals meeting up because of Hive, is setting its sights on the future. The team has outlined an ambitious roadmap in line with the forthcoming Version 4.0.

  1. Marketing Initiatives & Campaigns
  2. Educational Outreach & Web3 Promotion
  3. Building Network Affiliates

The ambitious plans for 2024 represent DBuzz's commitment to expand its digital footprint and make a tangible impact in communities worldwide. DBuzz aims to redefine the role of social media in everyday life in an effort to promote education, global connectivity, and genuine friendship.

Funding Request:

The DBuzz Team, on their second Funding Request, asked for $126,819 HBD from December 2023 to June 2024. The funding will make DBuzz a competitive alternative to leading Web2 social media companies. The DBuzz team will be operating at total capacity and focusing on releasing as many features as possible to integrate various aspects of the software.

DBuzz aims to allocate the funds to achieve the following:

  1. Web3 on Campus
  2. NFT Marketplace
  3. Multi-Language Support
  4. Attend Events to Promote Hive and DBuzz
  5. Broadened Browser Support
  6. Improve the Messaging Feature
  7. Hive Overhaul of RPC and API
  8. AI Feed Tools
  9. iOS and Android App Development
  10. Infrastructure and Hardware Upgrades
  11. Continue to Publish Open Source Code for the Hive Ecosystem.

The funding will be used for the team salaries of 6 developers, 2 Managers, two community managers, curators, 5 QA and engagement specialists, one content creator/SEO specialist, and 2 DBuzz ambassadors. Funding will also be used for office space and equipment, Back-end Server expansion, marketing, and Web3 on-campus initiatives.

According to DBuzz, they will remain a vibrant contributor to Web3 social media, enhancing the Hive ecosystem, and will continue their work for Hive through their open-source software.

The DBuzz Team needs our full support. Let's volt in and support this initiative by the DBuzz Team.

You can read the full proposal through the link provided here.