Hive Philippines | 2nd Official Meetup in Davao City

Yesterday on August 28th, 2019 (Wednesday GMT+8) the #HivePhilippines group had their 2nd meetup.

It was held at SM Ecoland in Davao City, Philippines and the topics covered included the future of work, integrating account recovery features into blockchains, the HiveDAO and some of the written & audio material by Napoleon Hill.


The conversation started with @chrisrice referencing his interest in community building, and a report released by the World Bank titled the Changing Nature of Work.

In the report, the World Bank states their opinion that technology will not lead to massive unemployment but that the future nature of work will involve cognitive skill such as complex problem solving, sociobehavioral skills such as teamwork and skill combinations that are predictive of adaptability such as reasoning and self-efficacy, and the idea held by @chrisrice is that now is the best time to start an online community, especially since the Hive blockchain will soon allow direct ownership of the communities created by users.

Hive Philippines meetup in PH


@chrisrice went on to recommend that @nathansenn implement account recovery features into his current and future blockchain projects and mentioned how Steem has an account recovery feature in place for users who register through, while Bitcoin has nothing of the sort.

For @chrisrice, account recovery services offer a valuable service, and it would be okay if paid services were implemented into blockchains or via 3rd parties where family members, legal representatives and other close contacts could request access to a person's wallet or profile and would be granted access if the owner didn't deny the request in a predetermined time specified by the owner ahead of time. This would help owners distribute their crypto holdings to his or her loved ones in the case of death or incapacitation and already has a service like this offered for Premium members ($30 USD +).

Photos from the 2nd Hive Philippines meetup

Hive's New HIVE.DAO:

In addition to the changing nature of work and account recovery features, @chrisrice and @nathansenn briefly talked about the new HiveDAO. At earlier informal meetups @nathansenn had said that Hive needed a DAO, along the lines of what Etherum has or better, and he was a little surprised to find out at this meetup that Hive had already implemented one in the last hardfork.

@chrisrice is mostly focused on Hive in terms of cryptocurrencies and blockchains but @nathansenn has a broader perspective as a blockchain developer so it is Chris that often updates @nathansenn about the latest happenings on #Hive.


Towards the end of the meetup, @nathansenn mentioned the work of Napoleon Hill and asked if @chrisrice was familiar with his written & audio works. @chrisrice had read parts of the book, Think & Grow Rich as a late teen, and had also listened to audio files from the same person, and explained how it had a significant impact on the future of his life, particularly with the freedom he acquired from implementing Napoleon's ideas and the ideas of similar authors.

@nathansenn and @chrisrice are both interested in meeting people who have experienced using the power of thoughts to create experiences, and anyone interested in experimenting with it.


@nathansenn also explaineda bit about RC chat, TOR, how they work and why it is impossible, or at least seems impossible to break into the security of RC chat and TOR as things stand now.

@chrisrice & @nathansenn have weekly meetups, every Wednesday in Davao City from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. If you are interested in joining them, contact them via their group chat or on Twitter.