Hive Philippines | 4th Official Meetup in Davao City

Hive Philippines - Meetup 4

FORWARD : This post was originally published in 2019 but was revised May 21, 2023 to keep it current. The original text still remains on the Hive blockchain as it's immuntable.

The Hive Philippines meetup ended about 4 hours ago and @jancharlest, @nathansenn, @chrisrice, @emafe, @riyuwe, @zaclucas and @cristinealimasac were in attendence.

The topics started today involved creating a DApp for Hive Philippines, the pre & post-2017 Bitcoin Bull Run, the Hive DAO, Hive Engine and some other ideas relate to @jancharlest's work at

One of the ideas of @chrisrice is to eventually start a Hive-based DApp for Filipino users, and people residing or visiting the Philippines.

The domain name is reserved for such a project and would currently require 3,100 Hive to be burned on Hive-Engine and would also require 1 BEE (worth 1 Hive) to be staked to the project on Hive-Engine for every user of the DApp who staked PH tokens (a PH token is already reserved for the project on Hive-Engine).

That led Nathan to the idea of creating a DApp on Hive-Engine where the actual users were required to stake the 1 BEE. This would reduce the costs of the community owner and it may also reduce spam if spam ever becomes an issue on Hive-Engine social networks.

Chris liked the idea and Nathan even said something about users being required to stake 1 HIVE and 1 BEE each since it would only cost $0.32 USD at today's prices. Another idea that wasn't mentioned in the group would be creating a hierarchy of users with BEE staked users being able to use more of a DApp's functions, much like HIVE is required to post, upvote, comment, etc. on Hive.Blog.

The issues that could arise might be related to adding too much complexity, and possibly discouraging users from joining that specific DApp but it is still a decent idea to consider anyways.

In relation to the pre & post 2017 Bitcoin Bull Run, the group discussed how Bitcoin investors were loaded in cash at the peak of the last bull run only to lose all, nearly all, or at least a lot through the bear market that followed.

  • This isn't a new type of experience for @chrisrice and it is a common theme in market cycles.

There is a massive influx of buying at the peak, most people don't sell, and then many hold all the way towards the bottom only to sell at rock bottom prices. None of this is investment advice and shouldn't be classified as advice of any kind, but some of the Hive Philippines members are actually interested in buying more HIVE at these current prices, and welcome the current "discounts" for HIVE.

Wall Street Cheat Sheet

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As for the HIVE DAO, the Hive Blockchain now has it's own DAO.

For people that don't know what a DAO is, it is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization and is now operational on Hive where users can vote for projects offered to the Hive community in exchange for HBDs.

Now, anyone with a good idea, or interest in developing or helping the Hive community can launch their idea, apply for funding from the Hive community and if it's granted, they'll receive HBD (Hive backed Dollars) as long as their project remains in favor.

The project that Chris was most interested in talking about was Hive.Craft, a project intended to make a Hive-based version of the popular virtual reality game, Minecraft.

One of the other remaining topics that the group discussed was

Jan Charles currently works at Remotasks Davao Bootcamp. It's actually an organization or group that his brother started and it is related to training people to work for as higher level workers.

If anyone is interested in working online, and especially if you live in the Davao Region, it may benefit you to contact Jan Charles on Facebook. He might be able to help you get started as a Data Analyst or Data Annotator.

Hive Philipplines

Hive Philippines was co-Founded by @chrisrice, @nathansenn, @jancharlest and many other Web3, blockchain and crypto enthusiasts.Their in-person meetup group here in the Philippines was responsible for launching the Web3 micro-blogging DApp, D.Buzz. You can support their work by voting or reviewing their Hive Proposal.